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Special offer for employees and members

As an employee of a company or member of an association or sports club, you can take advantage of a group health insurance with Zorg en Zekerheid. You and your family members enjoy several benefits:

  • discount on the premium for you and your family members
  • up to €300 discount per year with a voluntary excess of €500

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Additional benefits for you

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Share your reimbursement for dental care

The AV-Delen supplementary insurance policy allows you to share your reimbursement for dental care with your partner. No other insurance company offers this possibility! So if your partner's dental expenses are lower than yours, you will use up the larger part of the reimbursement available. Or vice versa of course.

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Waiting List Mediation

Have you been waiting long for the care you need? Due to COVID-19, waiting lists are longer than usual. We are making every possible effort to reduce your waiting time for hospital care, district nursing and mental healthcare. Please contact us to explore the possibilities.

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Use our app to pay bills and submit claims

Our app has made paying and claiming your healthcare expenses easier than ever. What's more, we always pay back your online claims within 5 working days. So you can count on your expenses being credited to your account in just a few days!

Switch to Zorg en Zekerheid

We will make all the necessary arrangements for your switch to Zorg en Zekerheid and cancel your old insurance with effect from 1 January 2023. You won’t have to do a thing yourself.

Do you already have group insurance with a different insurer?
In that case you can switch to us immediately.

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Are you already insured with us?

If you are already insured with us but would like to switch to the group policy of your company, association or sports club, simply change your insurance policy from mid-November in MijnZZ.

Do you have a question? Or do you want extra information?

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