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You are coming from abroad, do you have to take out Dutch health insurance?

If you come to the Netherlands from abroad, you want to have everything arranged properly. We will help you with your health insurance.

Determine insurance obligation

To determine whether you need to take out Dutch health insurance, complete the 'Determine insurance obligation' form and follow the instructions.

Determine insurance obligation

Take out health insurance

You have followed the instructions in the 'Determining insurance obligation' form. Are you required to have insurance according to this form and have you not yet registered? Register immediately here:

Take out health insurance


After registering, immediately collect the documents required according to the 'Determining insurance obligation' form. We will request this from you after receiving your online registration. This way, your registration can be arranged quickly and your insurance can start.

Study in the Netherlands

If you come from abroad and are going to study in the Netherlands, please see this page for more

I come from abroad and am going to study in the Netherlands