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Your insurance card abroad

In most situations you use your health insurance card with European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from the Zorg en Zekerheid app (or the plastic card) as proof of insurance abroad. You do not have to pay for the care on the spot.

Your healthcare card with EHIC is valid in these countries:

Australia Hungary Portugal
Austria Iceland Romania
Belgium Ireland Slovakia
Bulgaria Italy Slovenia
Croatia Latvia Spain**
Cyprus (Greek part) Liechtenstein Czech Republic
Denmark Lithuania Sweden
Estonia Luxembourg Switzerland
Finland Malta United Kingdom***
France* The Netherlands
Germany Norway
Greece Poland

* France, including Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion, St Pierre and Miquelon
** Spain, including Ceuta and Melilla
*** United Kingdom, including Gibraltar

If the healthcare provider does not consider the healthcare card sufficient

With the EHIC you are entitled to reimbursement of urgent care during your stay in another Member State of the European Union, as the insured persons in that country are used to. Do you need urgent care and a foreign healthcare provider does not consider the EHIC sufficient? Then call the ANWB emergency center on + 31 71 582 54 44.

Call the emergency center for proof of insurance (111)

Sometimes a foreign healthcare provider asks for proof of insurance in the language of the country. This is called an 111 form. The ANWB emergency center will take care of this if necessary.

Are you traveling to Turkey and do you want to bring an 111 form with you in advance? Then you can request a 'Proof of Insurance Abroad' in MijnZZ. When you travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia - Montenegro or Tunisia, you can also request the form by contacting us.

How will the foreign care provider be paid?

  • If you show your insurance card, you do not have to pay anything beforehand and claim those costs afterwards.
  • In some cases, you first need to pay the money yourself. You can claim the invoices afterwards using the claim form geneeskundige kosten buitenland (Dutch).

Russia and Cuba

For Russia and Cuba, proof of insurance is required for the issuance of a visa. You can contact us to request this statement.

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