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I'm going to travel, do an internship or study abroad

Traveling or backpacking if you have no or unpaid work abroad

Are you staying abroad for less than one year? Then you are entitled to Dutch health insurance.

Note: make sure we can reach you by email or phone. For example, if we hear from the municipality that you have been deregistered as a resident, we will contact you to check whether you can remain insured with us.

Are you staying abroad for more than one year and do you have no income? Then request a Wlz statement from the Sociale Verzekeringsbank to determine whether or not you can keep your health insurance.
Send an e-mail with the Wlz statement as an attachment. We use this Wlz statement to determine whether you will continue to be entitled to your health insurance. 

Internship abroad

Are you doing an internship abroad? The local government may see your activities as work, even if you do not receive a salary, but a compensation. This differs per country. If your internship is seen as work, you cannot keep your Dutch health insurance. You can find out what applies in your situation on the website of the Sociale Verzekeringsbank.

Studying abroad

If you go abroad to study, you must remain insured in the Netherlands. It does not matter whether or not you are registered with a Dutch municipality.

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