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What is the personal contribution?

You have to pay a personal contribution for some types of care covered by the basic insurance. Examples of these types of care are maternity care and hearing aids. The government determines to which care a personal contribution applies and the rate of this personal contribution. The personal contribution exists separately from the excess.

What is the difference between personal contribution and excess?

The excess applies to care that is covered by the basic insurance. The personal contribution is a set amount or percentage of the costs for certain types of care that is not covered by the insurance. The amount or percentages vary between different types of care. The personal contribution does not apply to most types of care.

When do I pay the personal contribution?

You can find out if you need to pay a personal contribution by reading the policy conditions regarding the care you need.

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In this example, you have an authorisation for patient transportation to and from the hospital. The costs for this care are €175. The conditions on the coverage of patient transportation apply.

Costs for the transportation

You pay a personal contribution set at

Zorg en Zekerheid covers

(The excess applies to this €72)

In addition

Some supplementary insurances (partially) cover the personal contribution for particular types of care. You can find these in the policy conditions.