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Sharing dental reimbursements with your partner

Unique to Zorg en Zekerheid!
Uniquely, we offer you the option of sharing your dental reimbursements with your partner. This means that if either partner uses a lower amount of the dental reimbursement, the other partner can benefit.

This is how it works

Suppose you both have an AV-Top insurance. This means that you each have €500 a year to spend on dental charges. By sharing, you can spend a total of €1,000 between the two of you. This is an ideal solution if you have considerable dental charges and your partner has few, or vice versa!

Sharing dental reimbursements starting from €2.25 per person a month!

Under AV-Standaard €2.25 (€300 combined reimbursement)
Under AV-Top €5.95 (€1,000 combined reimbursement)
Under AV-Sure €2.25 (€300 combined reimbursement)
Under AV-GeZZin Compact €3.50 (€500 combined reimbursement)
Under AV-Plus €5.95 (€1,000 combined reimbursement)
Under AV-GeZZin €5.95 (€1,000 combined reimbursement)

About AV-Delen

  • We are the only health insurer in The Netherlands that offers shared dental reimbursements.
  • If you have a discount on your supplementary insurance, this discount naturally also applies to sharing.
  • More than 30,000 insured people share their dental reimbursements under our insurance packages!

Taking out sharing dental reimbursements

You can take out insurance for sharing dental reimbursements with effect from 1 January of the coming year.

Take out insurance

Are you already insured with us? Go to MijnZZ and choose 'sharing dental reimbursements'.

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