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Payment plan 'Betaalgemak'

You can pay your invoices for excess and personal contribution in instalments through our ‘betaalgemak’ service.

Opt in or change betaalgemak

You always pay your outstanding amount within twelve months. The payment plan only works through direct debit. We collect the instalment directly from your bank account on the last workingday of the month.

The minimum instalment is €30. The amount can be adjusted in steps of €10. The minimum instalment for you personally is calculated by dividing the outstanding amount by 12.

For example: if we divide an outstanding amount of €385 by 12, you would have to pay €32.08 per month. We will round this up to €40. We would then take 9 instalments of €40 by direct debit and a final instalment of €25. Once the full amount has been paid, we will not collect any more money from your bank account.

New invoices

If you receive a new invoice, it will be taken up in the payment plan. We will calculate a new minimum amount for your instalment by dividing the new outstanding amount by twelve and rounding this number up. You will be notified if the amount that will be collected changes.

If the direct debit fails, you will receive a letter. You can transfer the instalment yourself, using the information provided in the letter. The betaalgemak service will then proceed as previously agreed.